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How to not write a blog.

I got an idea when I woke up today. That idea was to move all of my posts from this blog to another site, and start over here. The reason is simple. Nobody reads this blog! I have a bunch of followers, but since I write so randomly about things, no wonder nobody comes over to visit.

Step 1.

Have a domain, name of a blog and topics that are not in sync. I chose to name my blog “In the mind of a Great Dane Maniac”, with a great subdomain that is, but the topics were mainly not about Great Danes, but of whatever that comes to my mind. It was a great idea, but not a great one for Google searches. I wanted people to come here to read everything, but that is not a good idea. The best idea is to have one topic and write basically about that topic and have a domain and name of the blog to match that topic. I should have named the blog something about veganism and Apple products, and that’s why the new adress for those posts lie at “Apples are vegan, right?” blog.

Step 2.

Write once in a blue moon for a while, and then write pretty much daily. Aka do not have a regular schedule for your posts. It doesn’t matter how often you post, but make it regular. And I guess Google and your readers like it when you posts at least weekly if it is possible.

Step 3.

Stick to the topic! Like I mentioned above, stick to your topic and do not mention other crap that’s not relevant in the post to that topic. If you want to write about cars, do not include your pet cat, unless you’re writing about how to safely ride with your cat in your car.

There are probably more steps, but don’t do as I do, because you’ll end up writing only for yourselves and perhaps a few relatives. Not for Google, and not for readers that might learn from your writing. Also a FB page and social media presence is also a good thing to have, of course.

Good luck and welcome back to whatever I shall write about next.