Currently, there’s only one little booger in the household, but in the future I’ll probably have a lot more cats, and especially Ragdolls. They’re an amazing breed. Loyal, social, curious, cuddlebugs and sometimes vocal. And oh, mischievous as hell during their kitten stage…

Majken lies down without her paws showing on a foot stool.

SE* Point Lookout Cherokee-Awinita


Born September 21st 2019 as a female blue mitted Ragdoll. Loves to be held and to cuddle. Somewhat vocal. Really playful. She often sleeps in the bed with me at night, but always wakes up at 5 to do whatever pleases her. Hates riding in the car, but loves to investigate (or attack) the recycling bins, and the shelf where I keep the pots and pans. She drives me mad, but when you’re this cute, who could not love you? Ya dork.