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About memberships, newsletters, leaving comments and feedback.

First of all – thank you for being here.

It means a lot that you care that much to read my posts, hopefully coming back again to read something new. Before you become a member – you need to know how I’ve decided to handle the whole situation.

Unfortunately though, I’ve already suffered the pain of trolling and unknown people leaving nasty comments on this site, but I sort of rest my case. No matter what I try to do, I still have a person destined to harass me, so I’m opening up my blog again for memberships, so that anybody can become a member. There are still rules to follow, though…

That does not mean that total strangers are not allowed. Total strangers leaving names like “lonelyDude85” with a weird email like is NOT appreciated.

Neither is leaving names resembling me, or my blog.

That’s just confusing so I might ask you to change it, or I shall change it myself.

That’s stalking, trolling and all other such bad things. I’ve had enough of that. I have enough problems to deal with. Only friendly faces here, please 😊

As long as you’re not harassing me or my readers, nasty comments or being just simply stupid, you’re more than welcome here.

Leave the stupidness to me, the author 😂. Examples are saying that I suck, because I nag too much about something. I already know I nag – about basically everything. If you don’t like how I’m trying to change myself into a better person – do not read this blog. Do not become a member. It’s that simple.

If I ask for your help, I do hope I’m getting good advice etc. I encourage you to leave comments and feedback, especially since you can do so easily from your inbox.

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