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Getting seen on Google with a new Ghost blog is not easy.

Writing Jun 7, 2023

Especially not if you're using an old domain that has years of internet abuse behind it 😂🙄🥴.

I love blogging on Ghost, but I never thought I'd have this many SEO issues.

The domain I'm using, is a domain I've owned since like 2006 or so. With that, I started my blogging "career" which is not one at all, really. I have written mostly for myself and friends and family on Facebook. Most of the Google related searches I get, come from a very few, almost zero posts that I've written about specific things I normally never write about. Such posts could be about how to stop nosebleeds using sesame oil and a custom spray bottle, or how to treat skin conditions with aleppo soap and some shea butter. Rarely I get clicks from Google about stuff I care about, unless it's about Great Danes, but even then the searches are few and the visitors are probably even fewer. But that's ok.

I write, because I can't afford to see a psychiatrist several times a week, that I'd otherwise needs due to all the gazillion thoughts floating around in my head every second. Writing is my therapy and I'd love it if the world could read and learn from it. Somehow it makes  my writing a lot more fun, but I've gotten used to having basically 0 views over the years. Ok, it's not that low, but sometimes it sure does feel like it. The stats have been around 20 people per post on a normal day, at least for my Swedish personal blog. The blog about Great Danes get 5-10 visits daily when I was on WordPress, and over there, I only wrote posts a few times per year, so I'm pretty happy about getting visits without writing posts.

But so far it hasn't happened. I still update as often as I usually do, but even though this sites gets crawled often, I suffer heavily with redirects issues, 404 from old irrelevant links that should not be found and blog posts I need to be found, but are never registered no matter what I do. Hopefully I've fixed all of my issues now, but I'm guessing this will continue forever. Unless I'm actually doing something weirdly wrong here.

I thought I got more visitors, but when I did the math, it was a huge false alarm. Most of those visits I got, are bots from Google crawling my site and my own visits, since I cannot seem to exclude my IP adress, even though I've followed Googles instructions on it. Somehow, they still get registered. That sucks! The only thing I miss from my WP days are the stats. Nothing else! Oh, perhaps the menu system. I really think its a sin or something that Ghost does not have a submenu system for their navigation, but hopefully it will come in time. I'm eagerly waiting for Ghost 6.0 to come out. Hopefully it will be during this summer of 2023.

Let's talk about some Ghost news!

Ghost also released a new beta version of their new editor. I have yet to try it, but I sure do hope it will work a little more like WordPress's editor where it's truly is a WYSIWYG system. I'd love to set the fonts inside this editor, so I could see properly how my posts would look, but that seems impossible. But I don't really care. That would all be a bonus. Someday it would also be nice if my autocorrection stuff I use built into my Macbook and other Apple products could work too. I write using Safari, and it's very buggy inside this editor. If I do a spelling error, I rarely notice it, because the editor doesn't tell me. That's a bit annoying, but again - who cares? It's only a minor issue, and I'm trying to do my best these days to let go of such nonsense and focus on the important stuff. I'll let you know how that goes.

Well. That's it for today. Thanks for reading, if you have. If you'd like to leave a comment, you can become a member by filling out a form, currently only in Swedish, but if you're a personal friend of mine, or you understand Swedish, please fill out the form or contact me on FB and I will get you a membership ASAP.


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