Ed Sheeran's "Eyes Closed" helps me to move forward

Music May 15, 2023

I've loved the music from this artist for years, and the latest two albums, Equals (=) and Subtract (-) are the best one's probably. I have many songs that are huge favorites of mine. Two of them, "Collide" and "Eyes Closed" apart from "Beautiful People" and "I don't care" are the absolute best ones in my book. Even though those last two are from a different album 🤪.

The song "Eyes Closed" is about his best friend dying, yet I think of other things when I hear it.

If I listen to the lyrics, I get that it's about somebody dying, and dealing with the feelings that come with such bad news. The song however, along with the lyrics are too good for me to feel sad. I do however feel and think about my past, but it's like I'm saying goodbye to bad habits, stupid decisions and a life a want to change but they're still staring me in the face and won't let go of me. I'm also saying goodbye in a way to that boyfriend that never became mine, and I'm moving forward.

Thank you for that, Ed. ❤️.

The bass in those songs are the things I love most, besides the awesome lyrics that is.

In the song "Collide", I think of that specific person who'll most likely never become my boyfriend/husband or even friend. But I sort of imagine how awesome our lives could've been. Being there for eachother, stuck like glue and on adventures. It sounds so great. I have had that, and I still sort of have that with my ex. He is perfection in my world, and when we were together, I felt truly like that in the song. Even now, since we're like absolute best friends and I am his roomate, I still have his friendship and helpful skills. Even if we're not together any longer, I will never stop loving him.

Still, even if he'd like to get back together, I'd say no, because I do not love him like that any more, but I love the fact that I'm allowed to share his place and that we are still amazing friends.

I wrote about Ed Sheeran when I turned single, and he's still a huge help with everything.

Great music is life changing, but I know I'm not alone in thinking that. About 3.5 years ago, I turned single and the song that helped me through that the most was "Beautiful People". Me and my ex are like that. We are not beautiful. We're weirdos and proud of it. At least I know I am 😎. We're not shallow, like the people he's describing in L.A. We care about things that matter, and try to not think about useless stuff, even though I have a huge tendency to do only meaningless shit when I've got nothing better to do. It's a thing I'm working on, because I've figured out a few things the past year about myself that are game changers. It's a lot to work on, but with the help of my ex, my friends and family, and of course awesome music with helpful lyrics, it will get easier to handle. Thank you for that.


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