I love WordPress, but…

Why can’t I stop thinking about merging all my blogs again, or perhaps switch platforms alltogether? Well, the answer is simple. I have to many blogs. Yes. Too many. Way too many… And since I have so many blogs and I love this platform, it’s too big of a hassle to even bother switching and/or doing something about it, right?

Well… i don’t know to be honest. I mean. It would be so much simpler if I could write whenever I wanted. In whatever language I wanted. Send the post to FB and Twitter and perhaps make some money in a few years. That’s when I finally will start writing about Great Danes for real. The question is, can’t I just do that here? I mean, I do have a pretty great setup here anyways and I love the Gutenberg editor on WordPress. Still, I’d like a simpler setup, but from experience – it’s too much work. And I always lose SEO on the way. Not to mention, I already have multiple Facebook pages that I send fresh posts to with minimal hassle. So add that to the list of reasons why I should not bother with this!

One reason why I’ve started thinking about this is due to two, maybe three reasons:

  1. I’m hooked on web development and I’d like to use node and JavaScript whenever I can, even when I’m just “blogging”.
  2. I got an email from ghost.org saying amazing things about their latest update and I was amazed at what I saw. This could basically solve everything (if moving a gazillion WordPress.com blogs to ghost wasn’t such a hassle).
  3. I’ve been wanting and trying to merge my blogs for years, but I’ve given up after each time I’ve tried. And I do not want to lose SEO, especially now when I actually am getting a bunch of views and visitors. They started showing up from nowhere!

I do not share Ghost’s view of WordPress!

Over the past week since I started playing around with ghost locally and reading up on the features ghost has to offer, I came across some weird statements about WordPress. Those were that it’s super expensive, slow and bloated. I was confused. I mean, I do not self host any more since I’m so sick and tired of bad web hosts so moving to WordPress.com was such a relief! I do not pay anything other than the domain fees. It’s not slow and not expensive, since it’s free. Yes, I do not have plugins and full control over my blogs but that’s fine. I came here to blog. To write. To let out all my feelings. I do however agree that it can be expensive since you either have to pay a lot for every WordPress.com site if you choose to and web hosts can also be pretty expensive. But in my very own special case, it’s free.

I do not share this complicated view of WordPress that’s for sure. I just love it. But I would love something better if it was possible. And I’d like to not pay a dime for it, except for domain fees once a year.

The biggest mistakes I’ve made over my years of obsessive blogging are many. Most of them comes from not knowing what I was doing in the beginning. Now I know more. But now it’s too late probably. I have at least decided to remove or make my latest blog private since I have not posted a thing there since I started it and nobody has visited it in like 6 weeks. The problem is what to do with this blog? This one right here that you’re reading right now.

I have many followers here, but rarely receive any comments or interaction. I write here when I feel like expressing myself in English and 50+ of you WordPress users seems to like that. I am not complaining, just stating facts. And thinking out loud.

Why I should stay with WordPress

  • I’m a WordPress nerd. Have been since 2006 or so. I just love it. My secret dream job is to work for automattic 😍.
  • I’ve already established a decent following and readership on the main blogs. And they’re growing?!
  • The Gutenberg editor is awesome (but buggy and sometimes hard to handle when grouping blocks).
  • The SEO is good
  • The themes are nice, but would be so much better if I could make my own for free on WordPress.com as well.

Ghost seems awesome as a blogging platform…

The first thing that struck me the most was their content collections. It’s basically custom post types built in for free and with a little edit to a theme, you can display and organize your content a whole lot better. I could write my post in English without any problems. And in Swedish. And my apple opinions. And veganism etc. the list goes on and on and it seems too good to be true or something.

It seems I can also set a custom page title in the right language as well, which is awesome. I can separate categories a whole lot more too and almost the best part? It seems I can set custom meta tags for both all the tags and also for the individual posts so I have full control of the SEO and increase my chances of getting more views and readers. If I’m right, it seems that every tag could act as it’s own little separate blog, which is great! The only down side is that it seems impossible to use multiple domains on the same blog, but that doesn’t work here either with WordPress so who cares, right?

There’s a lot to love here, but this whole “switching platform” bugs the crap out of me. I do not know what to do! The most simple thing is to let it go and forget about it which is what I’ll most likely do for now. Another option is to leave these blogs behind and start over. That would be the easiest thing to do but that option also sucks. I mean – I do not want to do that either, because it feels weird.

A few days later…

Of course, I started to play around with Ghost a little bit more. One step forward and two steps back is the sum of it. Moving all the posts from WordPress is a huge hassle. Especially when you consider that it’s basically impossible to batch edit posts, add internal tags etc. If I were to switch blogging platform, it would probably be the best thing to just start over and let these blogs on WordPress.com stay where they are. But that just sucks! I’d like to move over ALL of my posts, from all of my blogs. The dream scenario would be to point custom domains to each content collection as well, but I guess that will never happen, since it’s generally bad for SEO. So, the conclusion I guess has to be to let it go. I will play around with it some more, because I just can’t let this go right now, but I will most likely stay with WordPress, just because it’s probably best. Also with the latest WordPress upgrade, it has made WordPress so much faster. I did not think of it as slow before, like I’ve mentioned. But now? It’s blazingly fast!

Perhaps as you also can see in this post, I’ve played around some more with the block editor, and I promise I will do that more in the future. We’ll just have to wait and see on which platform it will be on. I mean – I really, really love WordPress and have for years. I just hate the fact that I have been separating the blogs for so many years so it’s almost impossible to merge them in a good way.

Maybe someday this issue will resolve it self, but who knows? For now, I’ll just keep blogging on my gazillion different WordPress.com blogs and be somewhat happy…

By Anna-Maria "Aimee" Eriksson

Galen i Grand Danois och numera även katter (Ragdoll). Singel, vegan, och bor i Malmö med min katt och en kär vän. Jag vill bli webbutvecklare. Crazy about Great Danes and Ragdoll cats. Single and vegan. I live in Malmö with my cat and a dear friend. I want to be a web developer.

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