Life with a ragdoll cat, one year later.

In April of 2020 I wrote a post about what life is like with a ragdoll kitten. Now she’s not a kitten any longer. She’s almost 18 months old and I’ve had her for over a year now. I’ve learned a lot. Things have calmed down but there is much regret. So much regret.

Don’t get me wrong here. I still love her and I so not regret HER. But I still regret that I got a cat when I should’ve waited. I do not live in that tiny apartment any longer. I thought I could survive there but I moved in there knowing that within a year’s time I’d be in a financial situation I was positive I could afford. But I could not. So things changed.

We moved back into my ex’s apartment and I rent the guest bedroom from him. It’s honestly a win-win solution. I’m saving a lot by living like this and get to have company when I want, and be alone when I want it too. Luckily, Majken was able to join me so we both take care of her now. She’s a lot calmer now, but there are still some hiccups.

There are still some sleeping issues…

She likes to wake up early, and depending on what mood she’s in, she either just goes to the litter box, eats something if there’s something left and then either goes back to bed or comes to me for some cuddles. By waking up early, I mainly mean that even though I’m free because it’s the weekend, she wakes up at like 7 am, where I’d like to sleep to at least 10:30 am. Sometimes she stays with me and we continue sleeping until I either wake up naturally (if it’s the weekend) or until the alarm wakes us up. Other times she refuses to go back to bed. And that’s annoying as hell. Most of the times she gives up after I’ve put her back to bed, but sometimes it does not work.

Then I have two choices. Try to ignore her and keep sleeping or give up and wake up. The second option is the worst, but sometimes I don’t have a choice. The worst about that as well is that after I wake up, get somewhat dressed and I do something to keep staying awake, like watch TV or do stuff on my phone – the cat goes back to sleep and can sleep for several hours more 🙄. By that time I’m too wide awake to go back to sleep.

Overall the sleeping issues are better. She sleeps for 7-8 hours on average at night so it all depends on when we get to bed and the last time she went and did her business in the litter box. I’ve also fixed my personal sleeping disorder. It was pretty simple.

How I fixed my (temporary) sleeping disorder

There is only one answer to this. It’s called Ashwaganda. It’s an ancient medical solution within the field of Ayurveda. I take about 1000 mg per day before I go to bed. It has helped me to go to sleep faster, get back to sleep faster if I wake up at night and I sleep deeper and better. It has also helped me to calm down my nerves, because I have HUGE issues with anger. I am not helped with that yet, but overall it helps. My goal is to be rid of these ridiculous anger issues before I move out from this apartment, because I am so sick of getting pissed off at nothing some days. I know it probably would help to take a pill for breakfast or something and one before bed, but I already take so many supplements so I do not want to take more. That’s why I do what I do, but who knows? I might change this in the future.

If you want a cat glued to you – get a ragdoll!

I have never ever met such a social cat than Majken. Where I am (or daddy, aka the ex) there she is. Usually within 1 meter of me if we’re standing up. I can’t go to the toilet alone. Take a shower alone or do anything alone. She just has to be there. Ok, sometimes she spends time with my ex instead, but that’s fine. Most of the time we’re in the same room anyway so then she’s with us. She loves people, other dogs and gets totally wired up if the bell rings or she hears people outside. She’s really curious and courageous as well. She’s cuddly, but she was a lot cuddlier when she was a young kitten. Don’t get me wrong, she cuddles with us a lot, but she would probably do it more if the kitten phase wasn’t such a nightmare for both her and me. She’s stopped giving us “buttheads” and that makes me sad, but it’s my own fault and not hers. One day I’m pretty sure she’ll start again, because I see signs of it all the time. It’s probably a matter of time before she’ll start doing it again. Moving out of that tiny apartment surely has helped with everything, though.

Majken in her tree, sleeping after keeping me company and running around the apartment with daddy.

These days she rarely does any mischiefs. Mostly she does them if she’s spent several days sleeping or being very lazy, which she is most of the time. Or she does it if she’s not allowed to spend time with “daddy”. She absolutely adores him. She loves being with him, and when we work from home (due to the stupid pandemic of Covid-19) she spends as much time as possible in his room, lying on his desk or sleeping as close as possible or just being there. I hardly notice her on those days, but my ex says she’s a jerk time and time again 😂.

She has a temper…

My breeder said that after you’ve spayed or neutered your cat, there is no basic difference between the genders. Holy shit, is she wrong! Majken has a real temper. She bites – a lot. Luckily it’s mostly “love bites”, but sometimes she truly believes that me and the ex are chew toys. It’s our own fault of course for letting her play with our hands, but she thinks that all other toys are so boring, so she rarely plays with them. She prefer playing with humans. And biting them. Hard.

She has some weird behavior as well. She loves to be chased by us. If we chase her for a minute or two she basically sleeps for hours after that, or just remains calm, so it’s a pretty cheap price to pay to keep her from doing her mischiefs. She also asks for permission. A lot. Permission to sit on the sofa. She also replies a lot if I talk to her. She is so curious of lying under a blanket, but she hates being there if she’s let in. Still she keeps on wanting to be under a blanket. She’s pretty vocal, but my late cat Maja was a whole lot more vocal than Majken.

Overall, things are better. She just has a lot of energy and with time she should become a lot less “crazy” and just be a chill ragdoll. I am looking forward to when that happens.

By Anna-Maria "Aimee" Eriksson

Galen i Grand Danois och numera även katter (Ragdoll). Singel, vegan, och bor i Malmö med min katt och en kär vän. Jag vill bli webbutvecklare. Crazy about Great Danes and Ragdoll cats. Single and vegan. I live in Malmö with my cat and a dear friend. I want to be a web developer.

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