My ragdoll is a Great Dane. In a cat package.

For those of you that did not know, or have missed it – I have a cat called Majken. It’s pronounced Mai-Ken, like Mai-Thais. She’s a ragdoll, and currently a kitten. She’ll turn 1 year old in september 2020. She’s a real mischief, a troll, a real rascal and stubborn as hell, but I love her. It was wrong of me to get a kitten while living in such a small space, but I do not regret her, I just regret that I did not think it through as much as I should’ve. I was just so desperate for a new cat that I could not imagine my life being without one. My old cat Maja, died in October of 2019, and I had her for about 12 years. Losing her was one of the worst things I’ve gone through in my life. So now I have a ragdoll.

Not my cat in the video!

Having a ragdoll is a blast, especially now when she’s getting older. I’ve come to the conclusion that ragdolls are indeed puppy cats. I have a dog, but in a cat package, or format. She follows me everywhere, unless she’s too tired. She wants to be with me and/or my friends as much as possible. If I cook something in the kitchen, she’s there. If I take care of the laundry – she’s there. If I sleep on the bed, she likes to lay beside me and sometimes she likes being on my lap. She loves to be held and to cuddle. If she sleeps near me, she loves being constantly touched – just like a Great Dane. She also talks a lot and is somewhat smart. Also, I’m never alone in the bathroom. If I try, I have a sourpuss waiting outside the door. She also loves dogs, other cats and people.

Majken lies on the bed and sleeps and lies really close to me as well.

I’m not kidding. This feels like having a Great Dane. She’s just missing the height and weight. Still, she’s a big kitty, probably weighing close or more than 12lbs at the moment. I can barely carry her, since I have issues with my muscles (fibromyalgia) and she’s so heavy. It’s a wonder I don’t have bruises all over my upper body, because she like to cuddle by lying on top of me when I’m lying down in bed. If she sits on me, her paws feels like knives or something, but I’ve taught her to lie down quickly so that’s good.

I’ve never had a cat that was this social. Well, my other old cat Nisse, that unfortunately died pretty early was pretty social, but not as social as Majken. This is on a whole other level.

The good thing about this is that waiting for a Great Dane will not be that hard, since I have a cat that pretty much acts like a Great Dane already. Still, I can’t wait to have that breed of a dog, but I’m gonna have to wait until I live in a bigger place. Majken is really longing for somebody to play with and keep her company when I’m not there, but as long as I live in this tiny shoebox, I’m totally unable to get another pet. I do hope that I’ll have more cats in the future and they’ll most likely be ragdolls as well. Right now I’m sort of dreaming of having a ragdoll named Tjorven, from the Swedish child tv show made by Astrid Lindren called “Saltkråkan” in Swedish. We on Salt Crow Island it’s called in English. I got the idea for a Tjorven when I saw a photo a while back of a chocolate mitted female ragdoll kitten, and she looked so much like Tjorven from the TV show. Such puffy cheeks, a huge brown nose and oh, so cute.

We’ll se when I’ll be able to get another cat friend for Majken. It’s more likely that my first and future Great Dane will be her friend instead. Having a cat is expensive, more than I bargained for, but she’s worth every penny. Having a Great Dane will probably be pretty expensive as well, since he will eat a lot and require an expensive insurance. If something goes wrong, it will be very expensive. It all depends on how my finances will be in the future and how I will work and live that will decide how many more pets I’ll get besides Majken and a Great Dane.

Either way, I’m happy I chose a ragdoll for a cat. Even though there’s cat hair everywhere. She sheds like crazy. Hopefully it’s just the winter fur coming in, because it’s ridiculous how much she sheds. My black clothes and furniture are more white than black if you catch my drift. I’ve ordered a special roller that shall help with this and I will start to brush her more and vacuum more as well.

Through all the fur and the velcroness of my Majken, I do enjoy this a lot. Now I just have to find a better cat litter that’s eco friendly, doesn’t cost so much and does not color the apartment with paw prints. Any ideas? Leave a comment. Right now I use Ever Clean. It’s probably the best, but it’s so darn expensive and not eco friendly at all.

By Anna-Maria "Aimee" Eriksson

Galen i Grand Danois och numera även katter (Ragdoll). Singel, vegan, och bor i Malmö med min katt och en kär vän. Jag vill bli webbutvecklare. Crazy about Great Danes and Ragdoll cats. Single and vegan. I live in Malmö with my cat and a dear friend. I want to be a web developer.

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